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Friendly Reminder!! You must have the following done to watch the movie, “Boy in the Striped Pajamas”, next FRIDAY!!

  1. Completed Blog-Due this Wednesday
    1. About Post, 3 Posts, Poll, and Results Post
    2. Comments on at least 4 other blogs
  2. Completed “Boy in the Striped Pajamas”Notebook-Due Next Thursday
  3. Completed Big Question Writing Task- Done in class Next Tuesday-Thursday
  4. Signed Parent Permission Slip for the Movie

Parents and Guardians we would like to invite you to the students’ presentations of their speeches and blogs on Friday. Please read the attached letter that describes the place and time of the presentations. Hope to see you there!

Parent Information Letter for Presentations

Example Blogs

Here are some examples of student made blogs to get ideas. Notice how they use academic language, and are EXPERTS on their topics!

Do you enjoy making videos? Click here for the directions!


Watch the following video as an example of what you can do.

Seventh Grade

You are now going to be a Blog Publisher! You and your group have researched, and written about your topic. Now is the time to create your own blog about your topic. Remember you are the EXPERT! Prove it!

The due dates of the assignments are listed on the homework calendar.

Our kidblog site:

Click here for the requirements

Here is a link to the online version of the novel. You may use this to complete assignments at home.

Boy in the Striped Pajamas

If you miss a day that we completed a Quick Check, make sure to check here so you can make up the work. 

Quick Checks


  • Inside the Window

    • Detail what Bruno and Gretel see and what they conclude is going on

      • Support Each Claim


      • At least 5 claims and evidence

  • Outside of the Window 

    • Detail what you know to be the truth of what Bruno and Gretel are seeing

      • Support Each Claim


      • At least 5 claims and evidence


In life sometimes what we see initially is not the whole picture and truth. We have to gather more information and put the pieces together for the puzzle to make sense. This week we have completed a photo walk and analyzed a quote. Follow the directions to complete your left and right side.

Left Side

Write the following quote on the left side

“Many a doctrine is like a window pane. We see truth through it but it divides us from truth.”

 Khalil Gibran

1. What is your initial understanding of this quote?

2.What text or media have we analyzed that could be connected to this quote?

Write the following chart and complete it as you analyze  the following photos

Visually represented

Inferred meaning and rationale

Reality. Reflection on the reality.










1.nazi kids     2. little rock

3.hitler and childre 4. poster-childrens-bread

5.images gila

Right Side 

Choose one of the following options and complete it on the Right Side

Option A

Option B

Write a letter to one of the people you saw in the photos.

  1. Come up with at least three questions you would ask them. How is their event similar or different to Bruno’s life.

  2. Describe how the information you learned connects to what you are learning in class

  3. How can their “truth” help you change your life? Connect back to the quote

Write a letter to your future self reminding you the importance of what you learned

  1. How are all these events similar and different to what Bruno is going through?

  1. Describe how the information you learned connects to what you are learning in class.

  1. How can the “truths” help you change your life? Connect it back to the quote.



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